Minister Dimitrov warned regional governors and mayors to monitor for illegal waste disposal

30 Jan, 2020 | 14:43

The Minister of Environment and Water Emil Dimitrov sent a letter to the regional governors and the National Association of Municipalities in the Republic of Bulgaria calling for enhanced control in order to prevent illegal waste storage and disposal at unregulated sites. The letter is related to the frequent cases of attempted disposal of waste at unauthorized sites after the introduction of enhanced controls and inspections by state institutions, including SANS, the Ministry of Interior, and the Regional Inspectorate of Environment and Water.

 MOEW has initiated a number of measures to improve the efficiency of and coordination among the respective control authorities at the border of the country and the EU in order to prevent the illegal import of waste. Additional measures for control on sites and facilities for waste-related activities have been taken through the the RIEWs as the on-site inspection bodies.

 The letter addresses local authorities, since the responsibility for preventing the disposal of waste at unauthorized sites and the creation of illegal landfills on the territory of the municipalities lies with the respective mayor. It is the responsibility of the regional governors to coordinate the work of the executive bodies and their administrations on the territory of the district with regard to the implementation of the state environmental protection policy.

 In case of unauthorized storage or disposal of waste, the relevant RIEW, within whose territory the contamination is detected, should be informed immediately and actions should be taken to remove and transfer the waste to facilities for lawful treatment.