Minister Dimov in Paris: The quality of the atmospheric air will be a priority for the Bulgarian chairmanship of the EU

17 Nov, 2017 | 15:37

During the European Commission’s Clean Air Forum, which took place in Paris, the Minister of Environment and Water Neno Dimov has made the statement that the main environmental priority during the upcoming Bulgarian chairmanship of the EU will be the quality of atmospheric air. Minister Dimov pointed out that as a future rotating chairman, Bulgaria will focus on the transition to a circular economy, resource efficiency, sustainable growth and eco-innovative solutions. During his speech he stressed on the importance of the Eco-innovation Forum on Air Quality which will be hosted by Bulgaria in February next year. The meeting will provide an opportunity to exchange experience and ideas, as well as to coordinate actions between the EC, the state institutions, the local authorities, the public sector and the business for solving air quality problems and reduce the health risks of European citizens.

The Forum "Clean Air" in Paris was opened by the European Commissioner of the Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries - Karmenu Vella, who presented the current situation and the ambitions of the EC to improve the air quality. He urged the Member States, municipalities and the regions to be active in the implementation of measures in this direction. "Protecting the air quality is a fundamental test for any society that we can’t afford to fail in", said Commissioner Vella. According to the EU Commissioner, despite the undeniable scientific data of the negative effect of polluted air on human health and the associated high healthcare costs, there are good news - the air we breathe in the EU today is getting cleaner and the amount of emissions of the main pollutants are decreasing.

Commissioner Vella expressed his satisfaction with Minister Dimov's speech. Director-General of DG ,,Environment’’ of the EC - Daniel Kayeha also expressed their gratitude to Minister Dimov for his personal commitment on the topic of the air quality. They also discussed in four eyes the planned events and themes in the area of the environment during the Bulgarian chairmanship.

"Clean Air" Forum in Paris was attended by representatives of the World Health Organization (WHO), the European institutions, the Member States, the non-governmental and the academic sectors.