Atanaska Dimitrova Nikolova


Born on 10 February 1969.

She holds a Master's degree in Biotechnology and Engineering Ecology and European MSc degree in Environmental protection and Sustainable development.

During the period 1999 - 2008 she worked as a project manager, expert in environmental management and sustainable local development in the non-governmental sector. She is a consultant for the local authorities in the Black see region in the development of Municipal development strategies, Municipal waste management programs and Municipal environmental programs. Member of the team who developed the Regional development plan of the South-East planning region. Member of the team who prepared the National report ‘'Millennium Goals, Bulgaria 2008'', author of Chapter 7 -‘'Ensuring a sustainable environment''.

From June 2008 to July 2009 she managed the ‘'Eurointegration'' directorate of the municipality of Burgas and was responsible for attracting and effectively absorbing funds from the EU Structural and Cohesion fund, as well as for the international relations and partnerships of the municipality.

During 2009 she was a Deputy Mayor of the municipality of Burgas with a direction of ‘'European Policies and programmes, environment''.

She was deputy minister of environment and water in the cabinet of prof. Bliznashki, as well as in the second cabinet of Boyko Borisov. From January 2017 to May 2017 she was director of a unit of expert representatives in the PG of Republic of Bulgaria to the EU in Brussels.

She has undergone qualification increase and retraining courses in strategic planning, developing environmental policies, developing sustainable development strategies. She has specialized in Belgium, Holland, UK, USA, Hungary and Russia.