The use of water for industrial and energy production needs from dams with drinkable water to stop in February

31 Jan, 2020 | 11:45

Reduction of the authorized water volumes for drinking water supply in accordance with the actual quantities used in 2019, established in the process of the control activities of the respective Basin Directorates, is foreseen in the new schedule for the use of water from complex and significant dams for the month of February, prepared by Ministry of Environment and Water.

 For dams used for drinking and domestic water supply purposes and an available volume below 50% of their total volume, the respective water users, including water supply companies, have been notified to take measures to ensure water supply from alternative water sources - surface and underground, for which they have been issued permits by the relevant Basin Directorates. The purpose is to guarantee drinking and domestic water supply to the respective residential areas.

 For the Asenovets Dam, whose volume is at 28.2%, the permitted volumes for drinking and domestic water supply have been reduced to 0.5 million cubic meters. Water Supply and Sewerage - Sliven will provide the remaining amount needed for drinking and domestic water supply from alternative water sources. Water Supply and Sewerage - Sliven is the holder of 20 permits for groundwater abstraction, with a total annual limit of 14.9 million cubic meters.

 Due to the low level of the volume of the Dyakovo Dam, which is filled at 35.5% and which  has an insignificant inflow, no industrial water supply is allowed. Industrial companies have been informed that they should seek alternative water sources, in accordance with the permits issued for water abstraction from surface and groundwater bodies. Drinking water supply to the industrial enterprises of the Thermal Power Plant Bobov Dol and IVP Commercial shall not be permitted until meters are installed to measure the water quantities used by the enterprises for drinking and sanitation needs. Authorized water quantities for drinking and domestic purposes from the Dyakovo Dam have been reduced in line with actual water quantities used in 2019.

 Actions have been taken to limit the water utilization from the Studena dam to the maximum, supplying water only for drinking and domestic purposes. The request by the Water Supply and Sewerage Company Pernik for February in the amount of 752,000 cubic meter has been fulfilled.

 Due to the systematic submission of incorrect or manipulated data, the basin directorates are tasked to carry out inspections for the presence of certified measuring devices at the dams mainly used for drinking and domestic water supply – “Iskar”, “Beli Iskar”, “Srechenska bara”, "Hristo Smirnenski", "Yovkovtsi", "Ticha", "Kamchia", "Yasna Polyana", "Asenovets", "Borovitsa", "Studena", "Yastrebino", "Dyakovo", "Kalin", and "Karagyol". In the case of non-compliance, it will be prescribed to install certified measuring devices within one month at the places exact sites specified in the water abstraction permits.

 At all dams that are used for supply of drinking water, the operation of water thermal power plants is prohibited.  

 The February schedule could  be changed at shorter intervals and additional restrictive measures may be imposed.

 The monthly schedule is published on the MOEW website in the section WATER / SURFACE WATER / MONTHLY SCHEDULE FOR USE OF WATER FROM THE COMPLEX AND SIGNIFICANT DAMES: