After Vera Su was towed, the MOEW continues to monitor the state of sea waters

27 Oct, 2021 | 12:25

After the completion of the unloading and towing of the run-aground ship “Vera Su” MOEW teams continue to monitor the condition of sea waters near Kamen Bryag on a daily basis for the values ​​of scrutinized indicators.

Daily monitoring continues from the coastal point located 60 meters south of where the ship had run aground.

The additional monitoring from 7 points will continue in the next two weeks according to an approved plan. The points are in accord with the direction of the prevailing sea current. Their location allows tracking any long-term potential impact on the marine environment by conducting periodic model surveys of coastal marine waters.

The MOEW will provide summarized information on the results of the impact assessment for the Black Sea area in the region of ​​the Yaylata protected area, which was assigned to the Institute of Oceanology at the Bulgarian Academy of Science by the Executive Environment Agency.

The technical terms of reference define the activities for analysis of the expected impact on marine organisms and the ecological status of marine waters, as well as for assessment of the possible damages to marine flora and fauna, marine habitats, and coastal waters.

The Institute of Oceanology is also tasked with drawing conclusions on the basis of analyzes and assessments as to whether and to what extent damage has been inflicted upon protected species and natural habitats and to species of economic importance in the marine environment; whether and to what extent damage has been done to the preservation of the “favorable conservation status” of the protected area, within the meaning of the Liability for Prevention and Elimination of Environmental Damage Act.