The policy on prevention and control of pollution of the environment consists of a set of preventive tools implemented by the Ministry, assisted by Directorate Preventive activity:

Environmental Impact Assessment /EIA/ – a preventive tool to identify and evaluate the potential impact of construction and operation of investment proposals in all sectors of the economy and infrastructure development on environment and human health, from the early stage of their study and development before a decision is taken to implement them in a specific place, technology, method of construction, etc .;

Ecological assessment /EA/ – a preventive tool for evaluation of eventual considerable impacts on environment due to the implementation of plan and progams on national, regional and local level, that are in a stage of preparation;

Integrated pollution prevention and control permits /IPPC permit/ – a preventive tool in the construction and operation of new or existing plants and facilities for categories of industrial activities listed in Annex № 4 of the Environment Protection Act ;

Voluntary environmental tools – a scheme for environmental management and audit scheme (EMAS) and the European ecolabel scheme ;

Environmental liability – a preventive tool for removing environmental damage caused by past actions or inactions, in privatization and the prevention and removal of an imminent threat of environmental damage / caused environmental damage of the “polluter pays” principle.

Management of chemicals – a preventive tool to manage the risks related to chemicals in their manufacture, use, storage, marketing, import and export on their own, in mixtures and in articles;

Prevention of major accidents – a preventive tool for reducing the occurance and consequences of major accidents when using certain hazardous substances.