The state policy on waste management is a modern resource efficiency concept aiming to prevent waste, promote reuse through recycling, regeneration or other process of extracting secondary raw materials, provide safe disposal and storage of waste, increase producers responsibility, stimulate investment in the sector, within the available financial instruments.

The policy on waste management is carried out by the Ministry, assisted by Directorate Waste management and soil protection, in accordance with EU and national legislation – Environment Protection Act, Waste Management Act, regulations, national planning and strategic documents – National Plan for Waste Management 2014-2020, National Strategic Plan for Urban Wastewater Treatment Plants Sludge Management 2014-2020, National Strategic Plan for Construction and Demolition Waste Management 2011-2020 and National Strategic Plan for Gradual Reduction of Biodegradable Waste.

In the context of European Commission waste policy and the development of circular economy, the linear economic model of the type “get, produce and dispose” no longer corresponds to the needs of modern society and the limited nature of natural resources. According to the accepted hierarchy of waste priority is given to waste prevention, followed by preparation for reuse, recycling, recovery and finally disposal, being the most undesirable option.

In this sense, the state policy on waste management is focused on the integration of new, sustainable from environmental and economic point of view models where everything that can be utilized and recycled from household waste is separated to be transformed into energy, raw material for the industry, fertilizer for the plants and only minimal amounts of waste are disposed at the newly built regional landfills.

By legislative and non-legislative initiatives, the policies of the Ministry are consistent with the policies at European level and the key aspects of the national interest to achieve a 65% recycling of household waste by 2030, 75 % recycling of packaging waste by 2030 and 10% maximum landfill disposal by 2030.