An area “Esetrite – Vetren” on the Danube River has been declared under protection

29 Jun, 2022 | 17:54


A new protected area “Esetrite – Vetren” has been declared, located on a section of the Danube River. Its declaration aims to protect the habitats of critically endangered and vulnerable fish species, which prefer stony terrain with a fast river flow as a place for reproduction.

The territory is within the land of the village of Vetren, Silistra municipality, and encompasses an area of ​​2884 decares. Mining for inert materials from the bed of the Danube River and dredging the river bottom are prohibited within the protected area. Dumping of waste, discharge of untreated wastewater, construction of hydrotechnical facilities, disruption of natural hydro-morphological processes, as well as possible redirection and slowing down of water currents and closing of the side branches of the river in the section are inadmissible.

The order for the declaration was issued on proposal by WWF - Bulgaria, which was submitted in April this year. In implementation of the Law on Protected Areas, the Regional Inspectorate for Environment and Water - Ruse must enter the new protected area in the cadastral map and land registers of the village of Vetren.