An exhibition presents the history of the bear park near Belitsa

28 Apr, 2022 | 13:37


The Minister of Environment and Water Borislav Sandov opened the exhibition “The Saved: 20 Years of History”, dedicated to the bear park near Belitsa. “I remember how dancing bears were once chained, and I assure you that we will not allow this to happen again,” said Minister Sandov.

The protected area will become the Belitsa Bear Park and will continue its mission, i.e. to save bears affected by human intervention. “We support the transformation of the park and the fact that it will continue to provide shelter for brown bear wildlife in need of care. I thank our partners from the “Four Paws” foundation, who have been contributing to increasing people’s sensitivity to the problem and the need to live in harmony with other inhabitants in nature and the planet,” added Minister Borislav Sandov. Currently, the park is a permanent home for 19 bears.

The dancing bears remain a memory of a sad era and with the exhibition we open a new page, said Dr. Ventseslava Taseva-Sokolova, “Four Paws” director. The opening was attended by Dimitar Ivanov, director of the Belitsa Bear Park, Georgi Georgiev, chairman of the Sofia Municipal Council, park employees, and animal lovers.

The exposition contains photos from the founding of the park until today, which tell the stories of its bears, whereby they visually and chronologically reflect the activities of the park since its inception and show the last dancing bears in our country. The photos are presented on 60 boards. The exhibition was officially launched on Wednesday on the “Lovers’ Bridge” near the National Palace of Culture and will be open until May 5.