Climate talks bring peace solutions

08 Dec, 2023 | 16:43
  • The COP29 host will remain in the Eastern European group

Bulgaria has submitted its response to the developments of the discussion within the Eastern Europe Group regarding the hosting of COP29.

By the present Bulgaria welcomes the agreement reached at the highest political level by the Governments of Armenia and Azerbaijan on hosting the 29th Conference of the Parties to the UNFCCC (COP 29) in the Republic of Azerbaijan. This is the constructive approach we all have been seeking for and a decision that will keep the COP Presidency within the Eastern European Group, therefore focusing on the priorities, challenges and best interest of the 23 countries in our Region.

In the spirit of good will and for the sake of a successful Climate Conference hosted by the Eastern European Group, Republic of Bulgaria is hereby withdrawing its candidature for hosting COP29 and stands ready for a fruitful cooperation with the Host and the Presidency to be elected by acclamation. We therefore lend our support for the Republic of Azerbaijan’s candidature, inviting them to consider this collaboration in the most distributed, shared and inclusive manner possible, in the spirit of good cooperation among all countries in the Region.