EU environment ministers discussed the role of forests and the forestry sector for environmental, energy, and climate policies

21 Jan, 2022 | 18:01

On the second day of their informal meeting in Amiens, France, EU environment and energy ministers discussed the issues of a just transition to a low-carbon economy and the role of forests in the fight against climate change.


“The role of forests in climate change mitigation is undeniably significant. In order to increase long-term carbon capture, it is essential to manage forests actively and sustainably, taking into account all other functions and roles of the forest ecosystem. Old forests in Europe must be adequately protected, attaching the necessary importance to them, including in terms of biodiversity and ecosystem protection,” said Minister Sandov in his speech.


Bulgaria holds the position that the future legislation to achieve the common climate goals by 2030 should be based on key principles and priorities. A coherent legislative framework is needed to stimulate a cost-effective contribution by all sectors, including innovative solutions to reduce emissions in carbon-intensive sectors, and last but not least, to share efforts among Member States in a coherent, just, and cost-effective way.


The Minister of Energy Alexander Nikolov also participated in the joint meeting.