In Bulgaria on May 28 we mark today’s European Day of Parks

24 May, 2024 | 11:00

The European Day of Parks on 24 May has been declared by EUROPARC, the European Federation of National and Nature Parks. The initiative was launched in 1999 and aims to create a sense of closeness to nature, to raise public awareness of the importance of natural ecosystems preserved in protected areas. The date chosen is related to 24 May 1909, when the first nine national parks in Europe were established in Sweden.

The benefits of parks and protected areas go beyond the implementation of global, national or even regional environmental policies. These areas preserve some of the most remarkable and iconic natural sites and preserved nature in Europe. On a daily basis they provide us with clean water, air and places for recreation, while promoting sustainable regional development and benefits for local communities.

EUROPARC calls on all institutions, organizations, and individuals involved in nature conservation to organize events in the days around 24 May 2024 to showcase the role of protected areas.

The Ministry of Environment and Water designated May 28 as the Day of Parks in Bulgaria. This is an opportunity to fully celebrate the importance of natural and national parks without duplication with the celebrations for the Day of Bulgarian Education and Culture.

This year's Day of Parks in Bulgaria will showcase the "bridges" built by protected areas that connect people with nature in a sustainable way and in harmonious coexistence. The celebrations help bring international policy decisions and agreements to local communities and improve the understanding of the benefits of being close to a protected area.

The directorates of the Bulgarian national parks have planned various initiatives on the occasion of Day of Parks in Bulgaria, mainly for children, to share more about the diversity of protected areas and the actions to protect them.

The Central Balkan National Park Directorate will celebrate the holiday with the initiative "Let's meet the wild inhabitants of the Central Balkan National Park", which will be held on 28 May. Children from the "Radost" kindergarten will participate in games, whereby they will learn curious facts about the forest inhabitants of the park in an easy and accessible way.

The Pirin National Park Directorate is planning to clean the low part of the mountain together with the Veterans Sports Club - Bansko, and the event will take place on June 2. The Directorate's Visitor Information Centre in Bansko will be open from 27 to 31 May for a "Week dedicated to the Day of Parks in Bulgaria" with a programme of talks, games, and presentations about the nature and national parks in Bulgaria.

On 28 May, the Rila National Park Directorate will hold an educational visit to the park to allow participants to get acquainted with the eco-trail "Along the valley of the Beli Iskar River". The event will be attended by third graders from the Neofit Rilski Primary School in Dupnitsa. Young nature lovers will learn interesting facts about the flora and fauna of the Rila National Park. On the same day, experts from the park's Directorate will take part in an event organized by the Regional Historical Museum in Blagoevgrad, dedicated to the Day of Parks, with educational activities for the pupils of the Ecology School at the Center for Personal and Creative Development of the Children of Blagoevgrad.