Minister Asen Lichev discussed the possibilities for strengthening the capabilities for sea rescue operations with Captain Andrey Stanev

12 Nov, 2021 | 11:39

Minister Asen Lichev met with Captain Andrey Stanev, head of the operation and captain of the towing ship “Castor”, which towed the stranded ship “Vera Su” from the rocks of the “Yailata” protected area.

The two discussed the prospects for administrative strengthening and restoration of maritime rescue activities, specifically the need for a new complex rescue ship, including for the purpose of protecting the marine environment from oil spills. The possibility for importing the necessary equipment for port waters aeration was also discussed.

We remind that in early October, before the successful completion of the rescue operation, Minister Asen Lichev sent a formal proposal to the Minister of Interior and the Minister of Transport to provide detailed information on the necessary equipment for the Maritime Administration and the Border Police for response and management of similar problematic situations, for which funding will be provided by the Operational Program “Environment”.

With a plaque and a congratulatory address, Minister Lichev expressed his gratitude to Captain Andrey Stanev for carrying out the mission to tow the stranded vessel. “I am grateful that under extraordinary circumstances you did not hesitate to perform this complex and risky operation,” the Minister said.