Minister Asen Lichev proposed the Saragyol cottage to be declared a cultural heritage site

02 Nov, 2021 | 11:05


The Minister of Environment and Water Asen Lichev sent an application to the Minister of Culture to declare the Saragyol cottage a site of immovable cultural heritage.

The Saragyol cottage is located within the boundaries of Rila National Park, where forests, lands, and water bodies are exclusive state ownership. The property was provided for management by the Ministry of Environment and Water by order of the Governor of Sofia District in February 2021. It is located in close proximity to the protected area
“Central Rila Reserve”.

“Saragyol Palace” is a large wooden building used as a hunting lodge by the kings of the Third Bulgarian Kingdom. It was built by Tsar Ferdinand I between 1912 and 1914. After 1946 Saragyol was nationalized, repaired, and preserved in its authentic form. Its architectural style is a combination of Revival and Alpine-European architecture.

The forest around the property is centuries old and unique with its authenticity, composition, and age. The cottage is an entrance to the core of the largest population of Balkan chamois in the country, and in the immediate vicinity are some of the best preserved habitats of capercaillie and brown bear. These species, listed in the Biodiversity Act, are indicators of the condition of forests and a criterion for the high biodiversity in them.

„The combination of the historical significance of the site and the unique landscape and rich biological diversity in the area dictates that the necessary care be taken for the preservation of the Saragyol cottage,” said Minister Asen Lichev in his letter to the Minister of Culture.

The Ministry of Environment and Water envisages the cottage to function as a scientific coordination center for exchange of experience and for trainings of experts from the ministry and scientists who research and monitor biological diversity. With the necessary care, during the active summer season the building can become accessible for cultural and educational tourist visits.

The Ministry of Culture is to assess the possibility for conducting a procedure to declare the Saragyol cottage an immovable cultural property.