Minister Borislav Sandov spoke with representatives of protesters from “TPP Maritsa 3”

16 May, 2022 | 17:00

The Minister of Environment and Water Borislav Sandov spoke with representatives of the protesters from “TPP Maritsa 3” EAD – Dimitrovgrad today. The company’s legal adviser Yuliyan Semerdzhiev presented a protest letter demanding that the thermal power plant be allowed to commence operation as soon as possible. Minister Borislav Sandov said that the decision is not to be made by him, but by the owner of the plant, who must comply with the instructions for repairs by the RIEW - Haskovo so as to bring the operator in line with the requirements of the environmental legislation.

“Unfortunately, the representatives of the protesters did not provide new information to convince me that a major overhaul has been carried out,” said Minister Sandov at a briefing after the meeting. An on-site inspection by the RIEW found that there was rather imitation of repairs, but the requirements of the complex permit and the compulsory administrative measure that suspended the operation of the plant were not met.

“If I decide to allow the company to work, I will be in violation. We have a decision by the Court of Justice of the EU in Luxembourg, which convicted Bulgaria of excessive levels and systemic pollution with sulfur dioxide. Therefore, in the performance of my duties, I cannot in any way allow the company to operate at the moment,” the Minister was categorical.

The operation of “TPP Maritsa 3” in Dimitrovgrad was forcibly stopped on April 21 by order of RIEW - Haskovo due to violations of air quality standards. On April 29, the Haskovo Administrative Court upheld the preliminary execution of the order. On May 12, the EU Court of Justice in Luxembourg convicted Bulgaria of exceeding sulfur dioxide standards in the country’s Southeastern region.