Minister Borislav Sandov: We will not allow natural heritage to be destructed in Bulgaria

20 Apr, 2022 | 17:08


The administrative-penal procedure by RIEW - Blagoevgrad for the established violations in the natural landmark the “Melnik Pyramids” continues.

The act for establishing an administrative violation was served to the offender with assistance by the police authorities. The established violation was that in the range of the slope near the church “St. Petka” excavations were carried out and earth masses were extracted and then used for backfilling and leveling a dry ravine. Tree, shrub and grass vegetation were thus removed from the leveled area. In the area of ​​the dry gorge, outside the leveled area, woody vegetation of elm, mantis, acacia and pine were felled. The performed activities have led to damage and alteration of the natural appearance of the natural landmark the “Melnik Pyramids” and are in violation of the prohibition under Art. 24 of the Protected Areas Act and the regime specified in the order for declaring the natural landmark.

The director of RIEW - Blagoevgrad is about to rule on the initiated administrative-criminal case. The prosecutor’s office is also investigating the case for indications of a crime under the Criminal Code.

We remind you that at the end of 2021, Minister Borislav Sandov ordered an immediate inspection by RIEW-Blagoevgrad and the relevant institutions on a signal for a violation in the protected area. In January this year the minister also made an on-site inspection, during which he stated his firm position that the MOEW would exercise all its powers in respect to the committed administrative violation.

“We will not allow natural heritage to be destroyed in Bulgaria, because this is the best foundation for tourism and we are obliged to bequeath it to future generations,” said the minister, adding that the “Melnik Pyramids” are a unique place and should be preserved and not destroyed in someone’s interests.

“We will continue to monitor for any violations. We found out about this case from a signal. We await other signals so that we can react. This is our job and we are ready to do it,” Minister Sandov was determined.