Minister Karamfilova: Bulgaria supports the introduction of legally binding EU goals for nature restoration

20 Dec, 2022 | 14:35


The Minister of Environment and Water Rositsa Karamfilova participates at an Environment Council in Brussels, where a debate was held today on the proposal for a Regulation on nature restoration.

During the debate, she stated Bulgaria’s support for the introduction of legally binding European Union goals for nature restoration. This proposal complements and builds upon the existing legislative framework in the field of protecting and restoring ecosystems and biodiversity.

“To the extent that healthy ecosystems contribute to mitigating the effects of climate change, the proposal for a Regulation undoubtedly has the potential to support the fight against climate change,” underlined Minister Karamfilova.

In her intervention, she noted that in order to achieve the ambitious goals, the proposal must allow for planning flexibility. It is necessary to take into account that the countries with rich biological diversity and a high percentage of the territory in “Natura 2000”, among which is Bulgaria, must undertake more significant administrative and financial efforts. “We find it appropriate that the contribution of the individual member states be individually determined, which will provide the opportunity to take into consideration national characteristics and socio-economic development,” emphasized Minister Karamfilova.

She emphasized that the restoration of ecosystems in the Southern and Southeastern regions of Europe - in the Mediterranean and continental biogeographic region, and of the forest and water ecosystems in particular, will require more time and funds due to geographical and climatic particularities, as well as considering the alarming trends of enhancement of extreme events resulting from changes in the regional climate. These factors need to be taken into account and accordingly reflected in the regulation proposal.

Minister Karamfilova had a bilateral meeting with the future rotating chairman of the EU Council on the Environment - the Minister of Environment of Sweden Romina Pourmokhtari. The two discussed the priorities of the Swedish Presidency for the field of environment and climate, paying special attention to the green transition and the active engagement of the business on the way to climate neutrality, zero pollution, and circular economy. Minister Karamfilova said Bulgaria is ready for active dialogue and constructive work.

The meeting of the EU Environment Council continues with the presentation of the new legislative initiatives of the European Commission in the field of zero pollution and the circular economy.