Minister Petar Dimitrov participated in the launch of the renovated hydroelectric power plant “Sestrimo”

28 May, 2024 | 15:49

The Minister of Environment and Water eng. Petar Dimitrov participated in the launch of the renovated hydroelectric power plant (HPP) "Sestrimo", which took place today in the engine room of the plant. The official completion of the renovation of this HPP also marks the completion of the rehabilitation of the entire Belmeken-Sestrimo-Momina Klisura cascade.

"The successful rehabilitation of the cascade will allow the efficient operation of the facilities in the next 15 years, and this will guarantee the energy security of the country," said Petar Dimitrov. He wished for a problem-free operation and assured the hosts from the Ministry of Energy and the National Electric Company (NEC) that in the Ministry of Environment and Water, as directly involved in water management at the national level, they have a reliable partner who will always help with the common strategic goals. The Deputy Minister of Energy Georgi Samandov reminded that the Belmeken-Sestrimo-Momina Klisura hydropower cascade is the largest in Bulgaria.

The NEC Executive Director Martin Georgiev said that after the successful completion of the rehabilitation of the cascade, the Bulgarian electricity system will rely on 735 MW of renewable energy production. According to him, in the current decarbonisation process, flexible generation is key, especially when based on a renewable local resource.

The Sestrimo hydropower plant is the second stage in the cascade and the third largest generating capacity within the NEC. The renovation is within the framework of a grant agreement for the rehabilitation of the Belmeken-Sestrimo-Chaira hydropower complex and other hydropower systems with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development as administrator of the Kozloduy International Decommissioning Support Fund (KIDSF). The total budget of the agreement is 37 million euro, of which 70 per cent is European funding under the KIDSF and 30 per cent is NEK's own contribution. The cost of the renovation of the “Sestrimo” HPP is over 4.4 million euro.