MOEW Position on securing the run-aground ship near Kamen Bryag

26 Sep, 2021 | 10:41


After acquainting himself in detail with the current factual situation related to the security of the “Vera Su” cargo ship, run aground near Kamen Bryag, the Minister of Environment and Water Asen Lichev states the following position:


The shipowner and the insurer have been responsible for the refloating of the ship for 5 days now. In the absence of action on their side, it is necessary for the Executive Agency “Maritime Administration” to intervene and conduct a rescue operation, and then present the shipowner with the bill.


Since September 20th until today, the regional structures of the Ministry of Environment and Water have been present at the site of the incident, conducting sea water sampling in the immediate vicinity of the run-aground ship and are ready to assist in preventing pollution of the marine environment during rescue activities.