No Hazardous Air Pollution from the Fire Near Burgas

05 Jul, 2024 | 17:56

Minister Petar Dimitrov ordered a mobile station to measure the air quality in Banevo district

The Minister of Environment and Water, Petar Dimitrov, was at the scene of the fire in the Banevo district of Burgas, which started today. He ordered a mobile automatic station to be located near the fire to measure the air quality.

The first data from the express measurement made by the RIEW indicate that there is an increase in the index of carbon dioxide content in the air, but there is no danger to people. An emission measurement of air quality indicators was conducted at 3 sites from different ends of the fire.

RIEW - Burgas and the Regional Laboratory of the Environment Executive Agency will inform about the data from the measurements by the mobile station. On site, actions by institutions are coordinated by the mayor of Burgas Dimitar Nikolov, the deputy regional governor of Burgas region Vladimir Krumov, and the director of the Burgas Fire Department commissioner Nikolay Nikolaev.

Clearings were made with a bulldozer to cut off the path of the fire in the direction of the nearby residential area. However, the fire spread to the village of Mirolyubovo. The fire has spread over an area of ​​1500 decares and has entered the municipal forest fund of the village.