Over 2800 tons of waste were collected during the campaign “Let’s clean Bulgaria together”

20 Sep, 2022 | 11:42


Over 2 800 tons of waste were collected during the initiative “Let's clean Bulgaria together”. The Ministry of Environment and Water is the main partner of the campaign organized by bTV. 194 municipalities and tens of thousands of volunteers participated in the large-scale event, according to the final data of the 15 regional environmental inspectorates.

Staff members of the MOEW and the regional inspectorates were tasked with collecting and processing the data on collected waste. According to the data, the largest amount was collected on the territory of RIEW-Sofia and amounted to 669.47 tons, followed by RIEW - Burgas with 294,325 tons. On Saturday, 266.1 tons of waste were collected on the territory of RIEW - Plovdiv and 262.4 tons on the territory of RIEW - Pleven.

The data from the other inspectorates is as follows RIEW - Stara Zagora - 218.16 tons, RIEW - Varna - 185.68 tons, RIEW - Blagoevgrad - 155.59 tons, RIEW - Ruse - 144.84 tons, RIEW - Pazardzhik - 134, 22 tons, RIEW-Shumen – 117.01 tons, RIEW - Montana – 97.1 tons, RIEW – Veliko Tarnovo – 79.67 tons, RIEW – Smolyan – 77.45 tons, RIEW – Vratsa – 73.58 tons and RIEW - Haskovo – 56.65 tons.

As part of the campaign, the municipalities were exempted from the deductions and guarantees due under the Waste Management Act for the amounts of deposited waste collected during the initiative.

With the financial support by the MOEW of nearly 84 000 BGN through the Enterprise for Management of Environmental Protection Activities 40 000 waste bags and 40 000 pairs of disposable gloves have been provided through. 3 500 fuel vouchers were distributed to the regional administrations for transporting collected waste.