RIEW - Blagoevgrad established a violation in the natural landmark “Melnik Pyramids”

29 Dec, 2021 | 18:14

RIEW - Blagoevgrad made an inspection in reaction to a signal for excavation activities and destruction of trees in the protected area - natural landmark “Melnik Pyramids”.

The inspection was carried out, upon intervention by the Minister of Environment and Water Borislav Sandov, jointly by the RIEW, representatives of Sandanski municipality, the regional police department, employees of the State Forestry – Sandanski, and the mayor of Melnik Sasho Filipov.

It was established on-site that the protected area within the range of the slope and the adjacent dry coulee had been affected. The earth from the slope had been used for backfilling and the terrain had been leveled. The affected area covers about 2 decares and is located in the immediate proximity of the “St. Petka” church. The woody vegetation that had been removed within the affected area was confiscated by State Forestry - Sandanski.

The damaged area falls within the boundaries of a protected area within the meaning of the Protected Areas Act and is within the scope of two protected zones – the “Melnik Pyramids” for wildlife conservation, and “Sreden Pirin – Alibotush” for conservation of natural habitats, wild flora and fauna.

RIEW - Blagoevgrad will refer the established violations to the prosecutor’s office. When the violator is identified, the inspection will impose a penalty act. In recent years, there have been other similar violations in the vicinity of the illegal actions established today, so the inspection expects the prosecutor’s office and the police to find the violator this time.