RIEW - Ruse imposed a new sanction on the water supply operator in Razgrad

17 May, 2024 | 14:21


RIEW - Ruse imposed an ongoing monthly sanction in the amount of BGN 117 703 on "Water Supply Dunav" EOOD in Razgrad, operator of the Urban Wastewater Treatment Plant (UWTP). The administrative measure was imposed for identified deviations in the individual emission limits set in the company's discharge permit for a water body.

The water samples were taken during an unplanned inspection on April 20 following reports of odours in the city. The physicochemical analysis of the samples carried out by the Regional Laboratory - Ruse at the Executive Agency Environment showed significant deviations in indicators of dissolved oxygen, chemical oxygen demand, biochemical oxygen demand for 5 days, and total phosphorus. The current sanction will be reduced/revoked after new sampling that indicates compliance with the individual emission limits set in the permit document.

At the Urban Water Treatment Plant -Razgrad, mechanical and biological purification of the waters discharged into the Beli Lom river is carried out, for which the company "Water Supply Danube" EOOD has been issued a permit, with particular individual emission ceilings.

The plant has been in operation for 49 years and has been depreciated. The problem is the production waste water, which is in bigger quantities compared to the domestic sewage coming from the city, as well as the sediments from the primary settling tanks of the treatment plant.