RIEW-Sofia to impose an administrative penalty on the Mayor of Bankya for illegal landfills

10 Jun, 2021 | 15:45

RIEW-Sofia will impose an administrative violation penalty for the illegal landfills found in the area “Verdikal” on the territory of the capital district “Bankya”.

During the inspection on May 21st, inspectors found pollution by construction waste, packaging waste, and parts of discarded vehicles. Under the Waste Management Act and on the basis of the Environmental Protection Act, RIEW-Sofia prescribed to the Mayor of Bankya to clean the site by 31st May.

On that day, the Mayor of Bankya Rangel Markov informed the RIEW that part of the waste had been collected and transported and had requested an extension of the deadline until 10th June. However, during the second inspection, the inspectors found that the terrains were not cleaned even partially.

Due to non-compliance with the prescription, the RIEW seeks administrative and criminal liability from the Mayor of the district, of which he has already been notified, and will impose an administrative penalty. The Waste Management Act foresees a fine of 3,000 to 10,000 BGN for the committed violation.