Sulfur dioxide levels in Dimitrovgrad are normal

30 Apr, 2022 | 18:19


Yesterday and today the levels of sulfur dioxide in the air of the city of Dimitrovgrad are normal. The data is collected by the local Automatic Measuring Station (AMS). The reported maximum value is 65 µg/m3, which is below the maximum allowable value of 350 µg/m3 for the average hourly rate. The measured average hourly values ​​range between 4.34 µg/m3 and 65.2 µg/m3.

Due to a technical malfunction in the Horiba APSA-370 sulfur dioxide measuring device in the “Rakovski” Automatic Measuring Station in Dimitrovgrad, the device was disconnected from the real-time data transmission system on April 26, 2022. During the repair period RIEW-Haskovo has received no signal for dust or bad air in Dimitrovgrad.

On April 29, 2022, after testing the individual technical elements of the device, it was put into operation and from 13.00h on the same day it was again connected to the system for real-time data transmission. The first reported valid hourly average value from AMS

“Rakovski” is 6.28 µg/m3.

During the mentioned period TPP “Maritsa 3” - Dimitrovgrad did not work, because a week ago RIEW-Haskovo imposed a coercive administrative measure to stop the operation of the company due to a series of violations of the Environmental Protection Act (EPA) and non-compliance with its complex permit. For the same violations in recent months RIEW - Haskovo had issued instructions that had not been complied with, as well as a number of administrative acts and penalty decrees.