The Caretaker Minister of Environment and Water Rositsa Karamfilova took over from Borislav Sandov

02 Aug, 2022 | 19:37

Caretaker Minister of Environment and Water, dr. eng. Rositsa Karamfilova took office, taking over from Borislav Sandov. She received the symbolic key of the Ministry of Environment and Water from her predecessor.

“I am handing over the Ministry of Environment and Water to Rositsa Karamfilova with the confidence that it remains in the hands of a true professional. Over the past eight months I worked in excellent collaboration with Ms Karamfilova as Executive Director of the Environment Executive Agency. Many of the problems in the sector have been solved by our team in the recent months, for others there are solutions in prepration. I believe that Ms Karamfilova will continue to work in defense of the public interest, to protect nature and people’s health”, said Borislav Sandov.

“For more than 17 years, I have been among the experts working to ensure compliance with environmental legislation. I accept my professional responsibilities as my personal cause, and I know that the only way to achieve the desired goals is team work, in partnership, in a spirit of professionalism and an environment of high expertise, but above all by relying on specialists with knowledge and expertise,” said caretaker Minister Rositsa Karamfilova. She stated that she is convinced in the high professionalism and morale of the employees of the Ministry of Environment and Water. “I call on the entire team of the ministry and its structures to work with responsibility and efficiency in the interest of Bulgarian citizens, in compliance with environmental legislation and, last but not least, with natural laws, with thought and care for the future of the country,” added Minister Karamfilova.

“I am a realist, I am aware of how critical society is towards the work of institutions. That is why I have the ambition in these months to work in an open way, in dialogue and with responsibility so as to take another step towards improving the state of the environment and restoring the confidence in the system of the Ministry of Environment and Water”, assured Rositsa Karamfilova during the ceremony.

Rositsa Karamfilova is an expert with many years of experience in the field of environmental management. She has worked in the MOEW system, holding expert and management positions from junior expert to executive director of the Environmental Executive Agency.