The Green Olympics 2022 educational environmental initiative has started

23 Sep, 2022 | 10:13


Today the educational environmental initiative “Green Olympics” was launched. The initiative is held under the patronage of the Ministry of Environment and Water.

The “Green Olympics” target students from 1st to 12th grade and every year more than 5000 children and young people participate. On the online platform created especially for the purpose: participants register and check their knowledge about nature and its conservation by answering questions. The last question is open-ended, i.e. it requires to write out a short essay on a given topic (air, water, waste, flora and fauna, climate, etc.).

The initiative is a project by “Akademika BG” and has been traditionally supported by the MOEW. It aims to increase students’ knowledge of environmental protection and to contribute to building an environmentalist culture. The “Green Olympics” educate children and young people to care for nature, while the competitive spirit of the initiative stimulates participants to seek out information about it.

The online format of the initiative allows participation of children and young people from all settlements in the country, as well as from abroad. Winners will be selected in each of the three age categories, e.g. elementary, middle course, and upper course, and each winner this year will receive a tablet as a prize.

The online platform will be open for registration and submission of completed tests from today 23.09.2022 until 04.11.2022 included. The results will be announced on the MOEW website, as well as on the Green Olympics website and Facebook page.