The landfill in the Zlevo area near Dupnitsa auto-ignited

23 Jul, 2021 | 21:28

Today at 6pm the old landfill near the town of Dupnitsa, which was closed by order of RIEW-Pernik in 2017, auto-ignited. The most feasible reason for the autogenous ignition is high temperatures. The signal for the fire was submitted by citizens to RIEW-Sofia. The Inspectorate immediately issued an order to the Municipality of Dupnitsa to undertake urgent actions to extinguish the fire. Three fire trucks of the regional structures of Fire Safety and Protection of the Population - Dupnitsa are on site.

Inspection experts reacted immediately and went to the fire site. The RIEW-Sofia has signaled the EEA to start measuring air quality indicators.

An inspection is currently underway near the village of German, which is the settlement closest to the landfill.