The largest dune complex in Bulgaria "Kamchiiski Sands" is again a protected area

05 Apr, 2024 | 16:39
  • Minister Julian Popov signed the order for its declaration.


The Minister of Environment and Waters Julian Popov issued an order for the declaration of the protected area "Kamchiiski Sands". It is in the lands of the villages of Novo Oryahovo and Shkorpilovtsi, Dolni Chiflik Municipality, Varna region, and has a total area of 4537.794 hectares.

The proposal for the protected area was made by non-governmental organizations and a procedure was conducted under the Protected Areas Act (PAA). Minister Julian Popov restored the protected area "Kamchiiski Sands" after the 2006 order for its demarcation was declared null and void by the Supreme Administrative Court.

Protected area "Kamchiiski Sands" is declared in accordance with art. 33, par. 1 of the PAA with the aim of protecting the largest dune complex in Bulgaria, which includes all types of dune habitats, wet depressions and wetlands among the dunes, as well as their transition to floodplain longleaf forests and oak forests and habitat of plant and animal species included in Annex 2a and Annex 3 to the Biodiversity Act (BDA).

Activities that may lead to the destruction of protected objects are prohibited in the protected area, such as: construction, with the exception of major repairs and reconstruction of existing technical infrastructure and facilities; change of purpose and manner of permanent use; activities leading to a change in the hydrological regime; search, exploration and mining of underground resources and mining of aggregates; placement of movable objects, with the exception of objects related to the management and protection of the protected area; movement of motor vehicles outside existing roads, as the ban does not apply in cases of disaster, emergency situations and for conducting fire-fighting, emergency, control and rescue activities; carrying out fellings, except for forced and sanitary ones, and removal of invasive species and bushy vegetation; lighting a fire; hunting; waste pollution.

The order is to be promulgated in the State Gazette.