The management plan for the Nature Park “Bulgarka” has been adopted

31 Dec, 2021 | 09:38

The Council of Ministers adopted the Management Plan for the “Bulgarka” Nature Park. The development of the plan was funded by Operational Program “Environment 2007-2013”. Its main goal is to ensure sustainable conservation and management of the biological and landscape diversity of the park for the next 10 years.

The ”Bulgarka” Nature Park was declared by order of the Minister of Environment and Water on 9 August 2002. It is located on the ridge and the Northern slopes of the Shipka and Tryavna mountains and parts of the Predbalkan region, covering preserved beech forests in the Central Stara Planina. The territory includes the springs of the Yantra River and the main tributaries in its upper part, as well as the dam “Hr. Smirnenski”. Part of the settlements of the municipalities of Gabrovo, Tryavna, and Maglizh are located within the park.

The park management plan will ensure the maintenance of ecosystems diversity and its conservation through the sustainable use of renewable natural resources, as well as through opportunities for the development of scientific, educational, and recreational activities.

The plan defines four zones. The first includes mainly the territory of old forests, where there is a temporary ban on the use of resources. The second area is tourist and covers sites suitable for tourism. It includes existing and new routes and places for recreation, whereby sports activities, construction of information centers and others is allowed. The third zone includes huts, holiday homes, agricultural buildings, reservoirs, and infrastructure sites. The fourth zone is designed to protect biological and landscape diversity and water resources. It also includes a large part of the territories intended for protection of drinking water quantity and quality.

The biodiversity in the park has a highly representative, natural, and typical. The park is part of the pan-European NATURA 2000 network.


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