The Minister of Environment: Remain calm, the dams are full until the end of the year

03 Jun, 2021 | 09:05


I want to say to all Bulgarians - by the end of the year, all those who are supplied with drinking water from the dams can remain calm, the dams are full. This was stated in the studio of “The day begins” on BNT by Asen Lichev, caretaker Minister of Environment and Water.

I came to a budget with pre-determined payments in the amount of 11 million BGN and I do not have the funds to spend on the main policies of the Ministry. My first goal, which was really in the spirit of a coup d'etat, was to ban the import of waste, commented Minister Lichev.

It turned out that I could not do it because the government had not adopted the national waste management plan, which had to include restrictions on waste imports.

The Ministry of Environment and Water receives daily information on the routes and points of entry of cargo with waste. A complex permit had been issued for 5-6 installations, including the incineration of waste and I cannot revoke those, added Lichev.

I will at least try to start the work on the national priority framework for the period 2021-2027, which includes the main problem of protected areas, the Minister said. He explained that his powers allow him to revise contracts and free up resources.

Regarding air pollution, the Minister of Environment explained that the 2010 penalty fee is imposed for the systemic excess in the amount of fine particles.

At the moment, Bulgaria must prepare a position for the Court with the best possible arguments in defense in order to try to either lift the fee or lower it. 13 municipalities have already met the criteria for non-pollution with fine particles on their territory.

We must send our position to the Court of the European Union by July 8th, said the Minister.

He also commented on the issue of the controversial construction site in the Aleppo area.

I really want the retaining wall to be demolished, but I do not have the powers to make this decision. I can issue an order for a protected area of ​​Aleppo, which would help issue a demolition permit. My personal opinion is that this is not a retaining wall, Lichev said with no doubt.

However, everything is in the hands of the Directorate “National Construction Supervision”, he added.

The Minister also commented on the journalistic investigation presented by the BNT program “The traces remain” for water pollution with arsenic in three Montana villages.

This issue cannot be solved easily, because the polluted water also went to the Montana dam in the form of sediment, Lichev thinks.

According to him, the only benefit from this water is that two private hydropower plants generate electricity.

Source: BNT