The MOEW commits to continuous complex inspections in Razgrad

07 Sep, 2023 | 10:52



  • The continuous control of potential pollutants in the Beli Lom river by RIEW-Ruse and the Danube Region Basin Directorate will continue


By the end of the year, the Ministry of the Environment and Water (MoEW) will carry out multiple complex inspections in Razgrad through the RISW-Ruse and the Danube Region Basin Directorate, tracking all components and factors of the environment and human activity in the city that carry a risk or are at risk of pollution – including the waters of the Beli Lom River, the air in the city, as well as the treatment facilities of enterprises in the city and discharges into the river.

These complex actions are the result of the ministry's commitment to the citizens of Razgrad and the local government in connection with the aggravated problem with unpleasant odors in the city in July and August.

"The constant control of potential pollutants of the Beli Lom river and the given prescriptions of the treatment plants give a positive result. In the past few days, there have been no signals of pollution, both of the river and of the air," says engineer Tsonka Hristova, director of RISW-Ruse. "The results achieved so far do not stop our scrutiny and surprise inspections will continue."


More than 35 inspections by the RIEW and the Basin Directorate in July and August


  • For the period from July 6th to August 31st, more than 35 inspections were carried out by the agencies of the Ministry of Environment and Water, of which 12 were planned and 22 were extraordinary, including 9 samplings.


In recent months, the “Danube Region” Basin Directorate and RIEW-Ruse undertook a series of actions to establish the state of the Beli Lom river and possible sources of pollution as a result of numerous signals and suspicions of pollution of the river as the cause for odors in Razgrad .

On July 18th, extraordinary samples were taken of the waste water from “ADM Razgrad” EAD, “Biovet” AD – Razgrad, and GPSOV Razgrad, discharged into the Beli Lom river.

On August 2nd, an inspection was carried out to establish the causes of odors between 20:20 and 23:15 in the Razgrad area. The discharges of the waters of “Biovet” AD, the entire sewage system, and the condition of the Beli Lom river were checked.

On August 10th, RIEW-Ruse presented a report on the problems of atmospheric air quality in Razgrad during a public meeting of the Municipal Council. The session was attended by Minister Julian Popov, Deputy Ministers Reneta Koleva and Petar Dimitrov, Galina Simeonova – chief director of OPE, a and representatives of RIEW-Ruse.

From August 4th to 15th, a comprehensive inspection of “Biovet” AD Razgrad was carried out, combined with an inspection on all components and environmental factors.

During the last ten days of August, the Basin Directorate “Danube Region” and RIEW-Ruse carried out four inspections and took 17 samples from different sites of the Beli Lom River.

During an inspection on August 21st, sampling was carried out from 3 sites in the Beli Lom river for the study of 12 physio-chemical indicators. The results of the analysis were received on August 31st and are currently being processed and analyzed.

On August 24th, RIEW-Ruse, the Basin Directorate, and the Regional Laboratory of the Environmental Executive Agency carried out new extraordinary samplings to study the quality of water from the discharges of “ADM Razgrad” EAD, “Biovet” AD Razgrad, and GPSOV.

On August 25th, a second inspection was made of the section of the Beli Lom river in the lands of Razgrad, the village of Getsovo, and the village of Dryanovets. During the inspection, a total of 6 water samples were taken from the Beli Lom River for the analysis of 31 indicators, including physio-chemical indicators, specific pollutants, and priority substances.

Additionally, in order to carry out a more detailed analysis of the state of the waters, on August 30th, samples of river sediment were taken from 6 sites of the Beli Lom River, and a study of 13 indicators in each of the samples was commissioned.

On August 30th, after receiving information about red-colored waters of the Beli Lom River in the area of the bridge near the village of Getsovo, the Basin Directorate again assigned water sampling at two sites of the Beli Lom River, and an analysis was commissioned for the presence of 32 substances in accord with to the submitted signal.

After receiving all the results, the Basin Directorate will carry out a comprehensive analysis to establish the source and nature of pollution of the Beli Lom river. Based on the analyzed data, according to its competences, the Basin Directorate will take the necessary actions. At the moment, it continues to monitor the Beli Lom river, and control inspections are planned.


Three measurements of air quality with a total duration of 40 days


  • Since the beginning of 2023, 3 measurements of air quality have been carried out, 2 of them scheduled, and one - extraordinary.


For a total of 40 days, air quality measurements were carried out by the mobile laboratory of the Environmental Protection Agency in the city of Razgrad, the last of which - in the period from August 8th to 28th. The only deviation found was an excess in the hydrogen sulfide indicator.

By the end of the year, two more measurements will be carried out in the city, as Razgrad is included in the annual schedules of the Regional Laboratory - Ruse at the Environmental Executive Agency for atmospheric air quality control. The results of all measurements will be provided to the municipality and the Regional Health Inspectorate.


The investigation of enterprises - potential causes of water discoloration, continues


  • Orders have been issued to install a camera at company discharge point

The investigation continues of enterprises, which could be potential causes of ascertained water colors and for pollution in the Beli Lom river, as well as of possible old accumulations of chemical substances in the river or near it, which under certain climatic conditions give a reaction and pollute and color it.

The operation of the city’s water treatment plant is monitored. Orders have been issued to place a camera at the discharge site of the companies with which it has a contract to find out what the companies are discharging.

RIEW-Ruse has started a complex inspection of components and a complex permit at “Biovet” AD. Regional inspection experts trace the path from raw material, production, waste, water, and air. An inspection is pending at the company’s treatment plant, which would be the second time such is held.

An inspection will also be carried out to check if the enterpirses in the village of Getsovo could be polluting the Beli Lom river.