The MOEW presents the new legislative proposals of the European Commission

25 Nov, 2021 | 11:57


During the Consultative Council on the European Green Deal, the Ministry of Environment and Water presented the vision and course of action of the new European policy, which offers opportunities to make sustainability a reality and identifies the challenges ahead of Europe.

The proposals of the “Fit for 55%” legislative package and the initiatives proposed by the European Commission (EC) aim to decrease the energy and resource intensity of the economy, to promote the circular economy, the protection of the natural capital, and sustainable production and consumption in sectors, such as construction, food production, and mobility. All those hold significant potential for the development of “green” business and the creation of new “green” jobs.

The proposals will bring benefits in other areas as well, such as clean air, waste management, biodiversity conservation, etc.

At the same time, this overall transformation of the economy, energy, and society in general has a price tag. The biggest challenge is to find the right balance between the ambitious goals, their feasibility and benefits, as well as their social and economic impact.

To be able to use this potential requires systemic and synchronized policies at the national level and integration of climate-relevant aspects in all areas and at all levels.

The presentation elaborates on the new legislative proposals of the European Commission that fall within the competence of the Ministry of Environment and Water, on which a national position is under preparation.

The presentation of the “Fit for 55%” legislative package can be found here.