The MOEW specified the boundaries of the “Belintash” natural landmark

30 Jun, 2022 | 16:54


The MOEW has corrected the order for the protection of the natural landmark “Belintash” rock massif. A discrepancy was found in the actual location of this remarkable rock formation within the order for its proclamation for protection in 2003, and it was necessary to specify the territory that should be subject to conservation.

By a new order by the Minister the “Belintash” rock massif within the land of the village of Sini Vrah, Asenovgrad municipality, Plovdiv region, was declared a natural landmark. According to the Law on Protected Areas, this remarkable object of inanimate nature has been declared for the purpose of conservation - it is a plateau-like rock formation with a length of about 750 meters, width of 30meters to 50meters and height of approximately 35meters. There are traces of an ancient Thracian sanctuary of exceptional rarity, representativeness, cultural-historical and naturalistic value.

The order cancels old territorial delineations, which are inaccurate and the correct ones are indicated, where the famous natural landmark “Belintash” is indeed located over a total area of ​​22,416 decares. The border is described in a coordinate system according to an appendix to the order, which will be published in the State Gazette.

According to the described regimes of activities, the destruction and seizure of rock masses, construction and alteration of the natural appearance of the rock formation, hunting, lighting fires, bivouac and camping, grazing by domestic animals, and pollution by waste are prohibited on the territory of the landmark. The movement of motor vehicles, as well as rock climbing, alpinism, paragliding and hang-gliding are prohibited. Exploration and extraction of underground resources, changing the purpose of the properties, and planting of invasive alien species are not allowed.

In accordance with the requirements of the Environmental Protection Act, the Regional Environment and Water Inspection - Plovdiv will include the new protected territory in the cadastral maps and registers for the land of the village of Sini Vrah, Asenovgrad municipality.