The values of observed sea water indicators return to normal after the towing away of the Vera Su vessel

01 Nov, 2021 | 13:04


To monitor the potential impact of the rescue operation, today additional monitoring was carried out of the water in the vicinity of ​​the incident. The location of the sampling points allows tracking the potential impact on the marine environment in the longer term by conducting periodic model surveys of coastal marine waters.

On the day when the liquefied cargo was pumped, a maximum value of the observed indicators was reported in the immediate vicinity of the stranded vessel (for ammonium nitrogen - 0.7 mg/l). At a distance of 60m to the South the values ​​were significantly lower, and at the sampling point 1km to the North - even lower.

After the towing away of the stranded vessel, data show a tendency of reduction in the observed peaks and return within the limits of the typical values (0.04 - 0.02 mg/l for ammonium nitrogen), or between 17 to 35 times lower than the values ​​registered on the day of the unloading.

The increased concentration for the previous period is reduced as a result of the physical dilution in the sea water, as well as the dynamics of the hydrometeorological factors - wind, wave and currents, that typical for the season in this region.