Unloading the “Vera Su” ship will eliminate the sea water the pollution risk

20 Oct, 2021 | 16:17

The sampling results from the period October 15th to 17th, sampled upon a signal by the Border Police for water surface opalescence and a strong odor of petroleum products in the area of “Vera Su” the ship have been analyzed.

The samples show the presence of oil products in the sea water. The Black Sea Region Basin Directorate immediately notified the Maritime Administration Executive Agency and the District Governor of the District of Dobrich and issued instructions for measures to be undertaken.

On October 18th and 19th, the area was scrutinized by means of an aircraft - a drone, which located a slick along the coastline in the area of the incident.

Monitoring the progress of the rescue operation confirms that the action of unloading the ship will gradually eliminate the risk of marine pollution.

The MOEW monitoring teams continue to follow closely the state of Black Sea water in the immediate vicinity of the run-aground vessel in as part of the monitoring efforts for the unloading operation.