We will mark Earth Day on April 22 under the motto “Investing in our planet”

22 Apr, 2022 | 10:08

On April 22nd, we mark Earth Day, which this year will be held under the motto “Investing in our planet.”

Each year, the EARTHDAY.ORG platform coordinates events around the globe to showcase global support for the environmental movement. Fifty years ago, the first Earth Day marked the beginning of an environmental revolution. Now the EARTHDAY.ORG platform is initiating an educational revolution to save the planet. Public organizations and citizens are invited to be part of Earth Day and to contribute to further actions to address climate change around the world. Anyone planning an Earth Day event can register online at: https://www.earthday.org/actions/register-your-earth-day-event/ and become part of the worldwide celebration of the Earth Day.

The 2022 motto focuses on environmental and social policies, sustainable development, green technologies, and innovative thinking that can restore ecosystems and preserve human health and life worldwide. Climate change adaptation and mitigation are also emphasized.

The time has come to take action, because the restoration of the Earth depends on each one of us - not only because we care about nature, but because we all live in this environment. Each of us needs a healthy planet. A healthy planet is not an option, it is a necessity.

More than 1 billion people in 192 countries participate in Earth Day activities each year, making it the largest celebration in the world. Through its regional offices, the Ministry of Environment and Water is also involved in the celebration of Earth Day with various activities and initiatives across the country in support of the global environmental movement.


Detailed information about the planned initiatives of the regional branches of the Ministry of Environment and Water on the territory of the country

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