World Migration Bird Conservation Day

11 May, 2024 | 11:14

World Migratory Bird Conservation Day is a global campaign that has taken place every year since 2006. Its main aim is to raise awareness and highlight the need to conserve migratory birds and their habitats. The campaign is a tool to create wider awareness of the threats the migratory birds face, their ecological importance, and the need for international cooperation to conserve them.

In 2024 the focus is on the relationship between migratory birds and insects. The motto of this year's day is "Protect insects - protect birds". Deforestation, factory farming, pesticide overuse, light pollution and climate change are the main factors driving this trend. The focus of the campaign for the day in 2024 is on taking action to protect insects by reducing pesticide and fertiliser use in agriculture.

Insects are a major source of energy for many migratory bird species, not only during breeding periods but also during their long journeys. Present in almost all ecosystems worldwide, insects are major food sources for migratory birds during their long journeys. Migratory birds often time their migration according to the insect abundance. They depend on these insects for food during migratory stopovers and for breeding success and feeding of their young.

Insect populations are declining, which is linked to the decline of bird species that rely on insects for survival. The theme of this year's World Migratory Bird Day is an opportunity to raise awareness of the importance of insects. To mark the day, people around the world are invited to join World Migratory Bird Day 2024 events and take simple but effective strategies to protect insects and birds.

Some examples of actions promoted through the campaign include:

  • Plant native gardens to create suitable habitat for wildlife;
  • Selection of organic products, thus avoiding harmful pesticides;
  • Reducing habitat destruction associated with property development or landscaping practices;
  • Educating friends and family about the role insects play in our ecosystem;
  • Supporting educational efforts aimed at insect conservation, including encouraging conservation at the community level;
  • Create laws and regulations to protect insects and migratory birds;
  • Promote local conservation activities to maintain natural habitats for insects, birds and other wildlife.

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