After inspection RIEW-Burgas signaled the prosecutor’s office for the years-long illegal wastewater discharge near Sinemorets

13 Aug, 2021 | 15:39

On 10.08.2021 experts of the RIEW, the Basin Directorate “Black Sea Region”, and the Regional Laboratory - Burgas at the Environment Executive Agency inspected the sewerage system of the village of Sinemorets in the presence of a representative of the Municipality of Tsarevo.

 The inspection was ordered by the leadership of the Ministry of Environment and Water upon a signal for years-long discharge of domestic wastewater into the sea.

 Violations dating back 8 years have been established, whereby the District Prosecutor's Office of Burgas was signaled for the first time.

 Discharge of domestic wastewater into the sea through a metal pipeline about 20 meters from the Black Sea coast has been found. The water in the area of ​​the discharge collector is yellow-brown. Three samples were taken for physico-chemical analysis - one from the last exit inspection shaft of the sewerage network of the village, one at about 100 meters to the left and one to right of the point of discharge. For discharge without a permit under the Water Act, the mayor of Tsarevo Municipality was sent an invitation to draw up an act for the established administrative violation.

 Over the years, RIEW-Burgas and the Basin Directorate “Black Sea Region” have carried out inspections every year, and the relevant sanctions have been imposed. For the violations in the period 2013-2021 the MOEW control bodies have taken administrative penallty measures - the Municipality of Tsarevo has drawn up acts for administrative violation and penalizing decrees by the Director of RIEW-Burgas and the Black Sea Basin Directorate had been issued. The total amount of the imposed fees is 30,000 BGN.

 The inspection also revealed that the experimental wastewater treatment module built in 2001-2003 did not function. The area around it is overgrown with vegetation and there is no access to the site.

 In order to stop Black Sea pollution with untreated domestic wastewater, the Municipality of Tsarevo, as the owner of the sewerage system, should take action to construct a wastewater treatment plant with deep-water discharge in the village of Sinemorets.