Control under the Law for hunting and game protection in the region of Smolyan to be strengthened

14 Jun, 2021 | 17:35

On initiative by the Deputy Ministers of Environment and Water Emilia Toncheva and Petar Dimitrov, a meeting was held today between the managements of RIEW - Smolyan, the South Central State Enterprise, and the Regional Directorate of Forestry - Smolyan. The meeting was attended by the RIEW - Smolyan Director eng. Ekaterina Gadzheva, eng. Zdravko Bakalov, Director of the South Central State Enterprise - Smolyan, and eng. Ventsislav Furlanski, Director of Regional Directorate of Forestry - Smolyan.

The protection of the brown bear species in the region, the bear cubs found in the past ten days, and the sighting of the protected species near settlements were discussed.

Measures were identified to strengthen the control against poaching and to optimize the cooperation among institutions in the event of damages. The participants in the meeting emphasized on strengthening the control under the Law for hunting and game protection, as eng. Gadzheva highlighted the need for joint efforts on the protection of the species. Eng. Bakalov announced that after the letter received from RIEW - Smolyan he immediately ordered enhancement of the control for game protection, as well as inspections within the territorial scope of the enterprise. A report on the measures taken by the forestry and hunting farms is expected.

As preventive measures to limit the interactions between humans and bears, eng. Furlanski proposed the preparation of an operational plan in several directions: establishing bypassing routs for the areas with bears with cubs; strengthening the control over the issuance of hunting permits; placing photo traps at pre-designated sites and strengthening the control over the movement of motorcycles and ATVs in forest areas, which create concern for the protected species and are a prerequisite for the separation of the young cubs from their mother.

A new working meeting with extended attendance is to be held - with the participation of representatives of the state forestry and hunting farms, hunting associations and non-governmental organizations engaged in the problems of protection of the protected species.