Eco-vandalism can be stopped – through imposition of eco-order

23 Aug, 2021 | 11:42

 “Me in nature and the care for Her within me.”

 Position statement by the Minister of Environment and Water Asen Lichev regarding the encroachments on sites under protection in recent days and the violations of environmental legislation:

 A few days ago we witnessed brazen eco-vandalism on protected sites at the Black Sea coast in violation of the law. Violators left deep marks on the “Aleppo” Beach, the famous Driver's Beach, and literally plowed through protected dunes. Vigilant citizens and conservationists alerted through social networks, RIEW - Burgas then self-reported the signals for ATVs presence, found a vehicle entering through natural dune formations, and conveyed the signal to the Ministry of Interior.

 What nature has created through the interaction of sea, land, and wind - namely the dunes, human hands cannot create or restore. Therefore, let us be disciplined and manifest more responsibility for the unique sites of Bulgaria. Let us be guardians, not only consumers of natural resources, in order to preserve the natural appearance of beautiful native places. And most of all - I call for intolerance to the eco-vandalism that we witness in order to impose eco-order!

 Dear fellow citizens,

 I appeal to the whole society - be intolerant of such malicious acts against Bulgarian nature! Promptly notify the bodies of the Ministry of Environment and Water and the Ministry of Interior by submitting signals to the Regional Inspectorates of Environment and Water and the Regional Offices on the ground - through the “green phone” and the 112 line.

 That is if we want to have the beaches, the sea, and the beautiful sand lily, typical for the coastal sands and dunes of the Black Sea, for the years to come. By the way, the evil has already been inflicted and this plant is endangered, protected under the Biodiversity Act, and listed in the Red Book.

 If we want to stop the consequences of malicious acts, we must be united - only then we will be able to stop eco-vandalism and have eco-violators penalized. In order to introduce eco-order, we must apply the law with full rigor, which was also called for by the regional governor of Burgas and the director of the Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Interior in Burgas. According to the Criminal Code, perpetrators of such acts are punishable by imprisonment and financial penalty. Under the Black Sea Coast Development Act and the Protected Areas Act the fine can amount up to 10,000 BGN.

 Minister Asen Lichev