Financing the Transition: The CEE perspective

Date: 4 December 2023
14.00 – 15.30 h 
Location: Bulgarian Pavilion at COP28 

This event aims to bridge the gap between the smallest and most innovative businesses and financing institutions, policymakers, visionaries from Europe and globally. 
The purpose of the event is threefold: 

  • Explore and discuss key SMEs’ needs and challenges to scale up and stay competitive 
  • Share key trends, financing mechanisms and instruments for financing the transition of countries and companies in the region 
  • Discuss exposure and vulnerabilities to climate change alongside viable policies, practices and trends. 

Empowering CEE SMEs in their climate action: challenges and needs 

  • Transport: Cargo drones 
  • Circular economy: How biotech innovation unlocks the decarbonisation of agriculture 
  • Construction: Sustainable and movable housing 
  • Zero Waste: Biodegradable packaging 
  • Digital solutions: Climate reporting 

(Dronamics, Nasekomo, Nomad Cabins, Teda Pack, Plan A) 


Enablers’ role: financial instruments & tools to manage the transition 

  • Available funds in support of the transition 
  • Private investment: tools and instruments 

(DG “European Funds for Competitiveness”; Bulgarian Development Bank Chair; Fund of Funds; Postscriptum Ventures; Telelink Investments; Bulgarian Stock Exchange; Bankers Without Boundaries; Webit Foundation; SAP) 

Transition finance: policy trends and instruments 

  • LSE, Grantham Institute on Climate Change: Brendan Curran, Senior Policy Fellow, Sustainable Finance 
  • Cambridge Institute for Sustainable Leadership: Nina Seega, Director for Sustainable Finance 
  • EBRD 
  • EPG, Energy Policy Group, Romania & UNECE, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, Andrei Covatariu 

Ms. Tsvetelina Kuzmanova, Senior Policy Advisor, Sustainable Finance, E3G 

Host of the event: 
Ministry of Innovation and growth