In 2022 RIEWs imposed 48 fines on mayors for illegal landfills

08 Feb, 2023 | 12:11


In relation to addressing unregulated waste pollution, the Ministry of Environment and Water provides summarized information on the control carried out in 2022 by the 15 RIEWs on the fulfillment of mayoral obligations to undertake the necessary measures to prevent the disposal of waste in unauthorized sites and the creation of illegal landfills, as well as to organize the clearing of such that have already formed.

To ensure the incessant and sustainable fulfillment of these obligations of local authorities, which are stipulated by the Waste Management Act, in 2022 the RIEWs carried out intensified inspections (scheduled and unexpected) on unregulated waste pollution on the territory of all municipalities in the country, including riverbeds and their adjacent territories.

Fines in the total amount of 242 940 BGN were imposed on 48 mayors for detected waste pollution, and some of them were fined more than once: Kyustendil – 9 fines, Sungurlare – 4 fines, Omurtag – 3 fines, Vidin, Elin Pelin, Haskovo, Simeonovgrad, Momchilgrad, and Kardzhali - 2 fines each.

The detailed report on the imposed fines by the RIEWs can be accessed HERE.