Minister Lichev: We accelerated the procedure for a route under “Petrohan”

30 Jul, 2021 | 16:10

We accelerated the procedure for construction of the route under the “Petrohan” pass, said the Minister of Environment and Water Lichev in response to a question during parliamentary control. The question came from GERB MPs about the procedure for environmental impact assessment for the “Pre-investment study for the route in the direction Montana-Sofia with a tunnel under Petrohan.”

The Minister said that the Road Infrastructure Agency (RIA) submitted an investment proposal to the MOEW on July 14. Today he announced that on July 28 he issued a decision according to which RIA was to commission the preparation of an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of the proposed investment intention.

Minister Lichev reminded that at the time of the “Borisov 3” cabinet RIA had submitted an unacceptable from the point of view of environmental protection proposal for a route under the “Petrohan” pass. Therefore, experts at the Ministry of Environment and Water proposed to the Minister to terminate the procedure and on July 14th RIA submitted a notification of investment intention in accordance with the environmental legislation.

Minister Lichev expressed satisfaction with the good assessment expressed by the MPs inquiring about the work done.