Minister Petar Dimitrov inspected for the third time the cleaning of unregulated pollution in Montana region

02 Jul, 2024 | 16:50

Within a month and a half, for the third time the Minister of Environment and Water Petar Dimitrov inspected the unregulated landfills in Montana. The municipalities of Berkovitsa, Montana, and Boychinovtsi are the subject of an extraordinary control following reports.

Minister Dimitrov inspected the implementation of the instructions given to the mayor of the municipality of Montana by the Regional Inspectorate for Environment and Water - Montana to exercise control to clean up the sites identified during the previous two inspections with unregulated waste disposal.

"This is an extremely big problem for the entire country. Literally everywhere there is municipal and construction waste being dumped," said the minister. Today his tour started from the municipality of Berkovitsa. During the inspection irregularities were again found on the old road to the village of Kotenovtsi, and from the cameras of the municipality, installed especailly to this end, only in the last four days four offenders have been detected disposing of waste in an unauthorized way in the area of the former quarry.

The mayor of Berkovitsa Radoslav Naydenov informed Minister Dimitrov that so far one of the violators has been identified, the others are yet to be identified and then fines will be imposed. For this violation, the municipal ordinance for the protection and maintenance of public order provides for a fine of 50 to 300 leva.

"We are constantly working in two directions - one is to clean the sites, and the other is to introduce patrols, as well as technical means to identify violators who throw waste illegally," the mayor said during the inspection, which was conducted on initiative by MP Petar Petrov.