No air pollution registered in the area of the accident on the Bulgartransgaz gas transmission network

02 Nov, 2021 | 11:04


On 1 November RIEW-Varna and Regional Laboratory-Varna carried out a joint inspection in the area of ​​the village of Vetrino in connection with an emergency situation on a Bulgartransgaz AD-owned transmission gas pipeline to Romania.

The inspection revealed a rupture in the transit gas pipeline, the presumed cause being wear and/or a defect (hollow) in a section of the gas pipeline.

The accident was accompanied by a volley of natural gas. After the rupture was registered, the emergency protections of the gas pipeline were activated automatically between linear crane units Vetrino and Hrabrovo, whereby an area with a length of 22km was isolated.

During the inspection, samples were taken to check atmospheric air quality with the “GASMET” equipment for express determination of pollutants between the settlements of Vetrino and Zlatina. During the sampling and in respect to all controlled pollutants no alarm values ​​of the equipment were activated.

At around 15h on 1 November, RIEW-Varna was notified by the company about the emergency situation. According to the information presented in the notification, no people, buildings, etc. were injured and all necessary actions were taken to carry out emergency repairs and restore the transmission of natural gas.