RIEW-Burgas stopped the construction work in the Polyanite area near Sinemorets

27 May, 2022 | 17:40


RIEW - Burgas issued a coercive administrative measure to stop the construction work in the Polyanite area near Sinemorets. The order is in compliance with the instructions by the Ministry of Environment and Water on construction control in the area of ​​Polyanite, Sinemorets village, Tsarevo municipality, and was issued upon verification of previously issued administrative acts.

The inspectorate found that the reviewed acts were issued on the basis of incorrect declaration by the contracting authorities of the circumstances regarding technical infrastructure (water supply, sewerage, road, etc.). The technical infrastructure should have been designed and built before construction work for the sites it would serve commenced.

Thus, the lack of an approved, designed, and built road for access and sewerage, together with water treatment installation, required the imposition of a suspensive coercive administrative measure on construction. Construction work was suspended until the relevant procedures for the technical infrastructure are carried out in accordance with Chapter Six of the Environmental Protection Act and Article 31 of the Biodiversity Act, including taking into account the cumulative effect with other plans, programs, projects, and investment proposals.

The mayor of Tsarevo municipality and the regional governor of Burgas were immediately notified. Actions have been taken to hand over the coercive administrative measure to the contracting authorities at the address of residence through the bodies of the Ministry of Interior - Sofia.