RIEW-Montana did not allow a waste truck on the territory of the country

11 Aug, 2021 | 13:05

On 10.08.2021 RIEW-Montana received information from the border checkpoint “Danube Bridge Vidin-Calafat” that a truck with construction waste, plastic cable ducts, bags with pieces of cable, bags of cement, and pieces of furniture had been detained at the checkpoint.


The carrier is an individual, who claims that after renovation of his home in Germany he transported the waste for disposal at the Montana regional landfill for non-hazardous waste. He did not provide a document for the transportation of the waste. The cargo is not to be allowed on the territory of Bulgaria, because the transborder waste shipment is not accompanied by the documents required in Regulation (EC) №1013/2006 and the imported waste is intended for disposal in violation of the prohibition regulated by the Law on Waste Management and other national regulations.