RIEW-Pleven ordered the removal and restoration of 9000 tons of illegally imported Italian waste

09 Aug, 2021 | 16:27

Around 9000 tons of non-hazardous waste under the 19 12 12 code are stored at the waste storage site in Pleven. The waste is under the form of bales, over 90% of which are constituted of plastic waste, the rest being a mixture of textiles, paper, and wood. The waste is of Italian origin, received under notification IT 010861 (Decision YO125/02.11.2018) and it has not been recovered within one year in accordance with the requirements for waste transportation.


In this regard, RIEW-Pleven ordered the removal and recovery of 9 000 tons of the illegally imported Italian waste, which has been stored on the site in Pleven for more than a year. This is done by order of the director for imposing a coercive administrative measure on the operator of the storage site “Phoenix Pleven” EAD.