The Executive Agency for Environment presented national costumes of environmentally friendly materials at an event under the project “Green Stage: Super Eco and Friends”

22 Sep, 2022 | 15:44


National costumes produced entirely of environmentally friendly materials were presented by the Executive Agency for Environmental today at an educational music event on the stage in front of the “Ivan Vazov” National Theater under the project “Green Stage: Super Eco and Friends”.

The costumes from the Shopska and Pirin folklore regions are made of 100% cotton and 100% wool, which makes them completely recyclable “down to the fiber”.

During the event, a LED backdrop screen presented information and concrete proposals for the sustainable use of textiles. Data shows that the consumption of textiles causes the fourth largest impact on the environment and climate in the EU after the food industry, housing, and transport. By undertaking small changes in consumer behavior, such as organizing clothing exchanges, adding new decorative accents to old clothes, handing over end-of-use textiles to retail chains or in dedicated containers, environmental pollution can be reduced.

On September 22 we mark the Day Without Cars, which traditionally ends the European Mobility Week (September 16-22).

The children and young people from the Children’s and Youth Folklore Ensemble “Izvorche” at the National Palace of Children performed the "Nastroenie" dance with their new stage clothes.

The “BG Duet” and the “Studio for pop and jazz singing” at the National Palace of Children participated in the program with performances of some of the most famous and beloved Bulgarian songs. All attendees also received gifts produced from environmentally friendly materials.

On the day when Bulgaria celebrates its independence, the event ended with a traditional Bulgarian dance, joined by both participants and guests.